“Ah, this fall seems to go on for a millennia”, I thought to myself. Memories of my past keep flooding back into me. So much regret over my actions. Tears welled up in my eyes as I continued to fall. My home, my family and my life…all taken from me.

The man whom I had loved was also the one to cause me such pain. Let history remember the deeds that I have committed. Let them immortalise the tales of my anguish. Let them remember me not as the sorceress that committed great sins, but the woman who was scorned.

In those final moments, I prayed that Hades be kind to me in the depths of the underworld. I prayed that Absyrtus would forgive me if I ever saw him. I prayed that I would be reunited with my children in the afterlife. I prayed that despite all the conflict we had, Jason had truly loved me. The last words I would ever say were…

“If I could do it all again..”


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