Chapter 9: Return

The journey to Jason’s homeland on the Argo was harsh. We endured many challenges and adversaries. Parted ways with many of our companions and saw the use my of sorcery in ways I had never imagined. With each use, I felt as if it was more of a curse than a blessing. The weight of the lives I have slain with it rests uneasily on the depths of my mind.

Our journey sailed on and eventually, we arrived at Iolchos, Jason’s homeland and his rightful claim to kingship. As per agreement with King Pelias, he had returned with the Golden Fleece in hand  and so the throne would be vacated for Jason. I knew the king had the look of a liar as soon as I saw him. He refused to abdicate the throne and threatened to have us executed for even suggesting it.

In all honesty, I was vexed. I had been through so much at that point. Having lost my home, my family and upon hearing his threat, I would potentially lose my promise with Jason. Having none of it, I would use my skills for one last act. Using my sorcery, I created a concoction that would make any mortal being young again. Testing this out on an old ram, it reappeared as a lamb upon immersing itself in it.

The spell of youth

However, the catch of it was that you had to be slain first. And so the foolish King Pelias was slain at the hands of his own daughters in hopes that he would be revived as a youthful man. The king did not resurrect for I had sabotaged the brew beforehand. Offering my prayers to the gods, I had hoped that the duty of the throne would fall onto Jason instead.

“I was wrong.”



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