Chapter 8: Sin

Thought and thought as I may, I saw no other alternative to the situation. None of us wanted to perish on that ship. Not I nor Jason. Not when we had the vow of marriage before us. Grasping the hands of Absyrtus tightly for the final time, I forced a smile to assure him that everything was going to be alright and cast a spell of deep slumber upon him.

I notified Jason and his companions that while I do not agree with their decision, I understood it’s necessity. However, I would not partake in their murder of my little brother. The spell was to make it as painless as possible. And so they dismembered him. As if they were chopping up a lamb. I dared not look but the sounds of it be forever branded into my conscience.

As a sign of both respect and shame, I was the one to scatter his remains into the ocean as we fled. We all knew that the king would stop to retrieve what was left of his only son. My mind was confused and my heart called out in pain as streams of tears flowed freely through my face. “What have I done?! I’ve just killed my own brother and scattered his remains” I screamed internally.

My Sin

Surely enough, the king ceased his pursuit to retrieve the remains of Absyrtus. Our eyes met once as the Argo sailed away and the expression on my fathers face was clear. He had lost both a daughter and son that day. I wept for the many days to come..

for on that day, I had lost both my family and my homeland.


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