Chapter 7: Decision

I felt nothing but horror, rage and confusion at seeing my brother. Naturally it was directed at Jason and his companions for abducting him in the first place. “Where is your honour as heroes?! Where is your honour as men?!” I shouted at them. Was stealing from Colchis and escaping with myself not enough?! Tears ran through my face as I saw little Absyrtus.

A traitor to Colchis I may be, but I was still his sister. The future heir to the throne of Colchis and King Aeëtes’ only son. My father’s fury towards us was justified. Absyrtus wore nothing but the look of fear on his face. He was in a foreign ship, surrounded by unknown men who had abducted him whist being pursued by an armada of ships. Any man would quake in his boots. I did my best to calm him and assure him that everything was alright. That I would let no harm come to him…my little Absyrtus.

As the ships grew closer, the band of heroes agreed that slaying the child and scattering his body in the ocean was the only way of escape. Upon hearing that, I screamed at them in anger. “Were they not realising what they were doing? There would be no turning back from that, for any of us” I thought to myself. In my anger, I turned to Jason to be the only voice of reason in this insane situation.

He looked me with such pity and sorry in his eyes. There was no other option to ensure our survival. Sacrifice this one child, to save the 13 of us or spare his life and face a gruesome death at the hands of the fleet. It was an impossible decision to make, yet one that had to be made within the next few moments.


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