Chapter 6: Escape

Jason had obtained the Golden Fleece. The symbol of kingship that he had sought so much for was in his hands at last. And me, I had just committed high treason against my father…against Colchis. It was no surprise that the king had discovered Jason’s treachery and sent legion to pursue us.

We fled. Jason and I made way to his ship, the Argo and were to rendezvous with his companions there. It was painful betraying the people of Colchis but I decided to do what was best for me. I wanted to see the vast world outside, with my husband-to-be by my side. Certain that my father would forgive my actions in due time, we fought our way to the Argo.

As we met up with Jason’s companions, one of them had a giant sack in tow. Paying no real heed to it, we set sail to Iolcos so that Jason may reclaim his birthright as rightful king. However, the king led the Colchean armada to pursue us. Ships by the dozens were chasing after us at high speeds. Oh how it must have broken his heart to see his daughter betray him like this.

Our pursuers were large in number and their speed was increasing as we journeyed into open water. The chances of escaping them grew dimmer by the minute. Any method of escape I could think of would have been unsuccessful. Should our ship be captured, it would mean the death of us all. The king, in his rage and betrayal would forgive no one, not even his daughter. It was then that Jason’s companions decided to play their hand. Revealing the contents of the aforementioned sack….

“It was my brother..It was little Absyrtus.”


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