Chapter 13: Retribution

No parent should have to pass before their children. I continued to embrace them, covered in blood and tears. Then, the door burst open. Jason stood there in shock at the sight of the scene. He wore a face of mixed emotions. Anger…despair…confusion. He shouted at me, stating that was ruining his path to kingship twice not enough?! Did assassinating his bride-to-be not sate my anger towards him?! Now I slay our children just to end his legacy.

I could muster no words. Offered him no explanations. I was broken, both as a mother and a person. I backed away from my deceased children and headed towards the balcony of their room. Before me was the great wide domain of Poseidon, lord of the seas. Looking back at the scene, I saw Jason embracing our children whilst crying and uttering curses at me. “We’re both hurting. We’ve hurt each other so much.” I thought to myself.

There was no return from this point on. An irreversible misunderstanding. I climbed onto the balcony and said my final words to the man I had loved so dearly…

“Forgive me.”


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