Chapter 11: Despair

I wept and despaired at the news of his marriage. I begged for him to stay but he would hear none of it. He claimed that he would take our children with him to the royal palace to live amongst nobility, leaving me alone like an outcast. I should have realised it sooner, but somewhere deep down, he had always blamed me for losing his right to the throne in Iolcos.

There was nothing more to be done. My marriage was gone. My children, taken from me. My peaceful life uprooted by the workings of that…that whore. In that time of distress, I turned to the guidance of the gods instead and made my way to the temple of Helios, my grandfather. I prayed to him, asking for his aid in my dire time of need, hoping that he would bless this sinful granddaughter of his.

When he did not answer, I turned to my methods of old instead. Methods that I had sworn to never use again…Sorcery. I peeked into the mind of Princess Creusa to seek out her true intentions. On the day of the wedding, she intended to extinguish any sign of my existence or relation to Jason. She intended to slay my sons. All the sorrow I had was transformed into rage. No being, much less her, was to lay any harm to my beloved children. It was then I devised a plan….

“If she was going to take away my life, I would take hers first”.


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