Chapter 10: Exile

My wish to the gods had not been fulfilled. Instead, we were met with slander and threats. I only sought for the king to honour his agreement with Jason so that all our sacrifice was not in vain. “Was I truly the villain in this situation for seeking justice?” I thought to myself. In the end, we were exiled from Iolchos for treason against the royal family and state. Jason was neither angry nor disappointed at me for my actions, but I could feel a rift between us.

We eventually sought refuge in Corinth, where we fulfilled our vows of marriage. There was no royalty or riches but life was enjoyable. I bore him three sons, Tisander, Alcimines and Thessalus. Such vibrant and strong boys they were. Despite the horrors of our past, our family was happy for the next years to come.

Our lives started to alter when Jason caught the eye of the royal family of Corinth. Cruesa, princess of Corinth, had taken a liking to my husband and started to lay her filthy hands on him whenever she could. Manipulating circumstances from behind the scene with her political power, there was little I could do to stop her. We bickered a lot more often but I still believed that my husband remained faithful to me.

That faith was shattered when he returned home one day stating his engagement with the princess. My heart sunk and I crumbled to my feet. “Had I not suffered enough?!”, I thought to myself. Was all the sacrifice up till now all for nothing? My husband was leaving me. Leaving his only family behind to be wedded to a vixen.


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