Chapter 5: Trials

My father was adamant on retaining the Golden Fleece for it had been a symbol of the royal family of Colchis for generations. However, there was little the king could do to stop Jason in the first place. It was wiser to grant him impossible tasks to accomplish rather than resort to a conflict. His pride and honour as a hero would never allow him to circumvent the trials.

The conditions of the trials was that he could obtain no help from his companions and must complete all three trials before the Fleece would be granted to him. Each trial was more impossible than the last one. Jason attempted the trials again and again, and with each time obtaining wounds more grievous than the last. No mere man could ever hope to best these trials. That is…no man of course.

These trials were paltry to a sorceress myself but I abstained from intervening for it was against my duty as princess of Colchis. Still, I tended to his wounds after every attempt and with each injury, my heart ached for him. It was then that he sought my aid. Jason knew that I had feelings for him at that point and saw it as an advantage. He acknowledged my feelings for him and upon completion of his journey, would see to it that I become his wife. What maiden in love could ever resist those words from his suitor.

And so I aided him. Motivated by the workings of Aphrodite,  goddess of love, I utilised my sorcery to help him accomplish the trials one by one.

Trials of Jason

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