Chapter 4: Meeting

Jason and his band sought an audience with the King in hopes that he would listen to their request. Unsurprisingly, my father obliged but only under the condition that they do it in 5 days. For that night, they dine with royalty. He wanted to hear the tale of their mighty exploits firsthand and there was no better way of doing that than through food and alcohol.

That was my first meeting with Jason. The man held himself with such grace even amidst all the intoxication and gluttony. His tales of heroism were astounding and captured the attention of all that were at the table. The two of us would converse for hours without end up till the day of the audience with the king. It had never occurred to me how vast the world outside of Colchis was up till then. Within just a few days, he had broadened the horizons of my mind beyond Colchis. It pains me to say it but in that small span of time, he had won over my maiden heart.

When the day of the audience arrived, the king ordered that the courtroom be cleared so that the two of them could speak privately. However, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to eavesdrop on the private conversation. The mood was heavy and the look on my father’s face was stern. The details of the conversation were hard to make up but what was certain was that Jason had journeyed here looking for something. Something divine that had been in Colchis for years now.


“It was the Golden Fleece”.


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