Chapter 3: Arrival

News of their arrival shook the streets of Colchis. A large unparalleled ship had just laid anchor in our docks. It’s design was unlike any that people have Colchis have ever seen. It was as if Hephaestus himself had forged this sturdy ship. It’s giant mast towered over the entire ship. A size that could fit over 30 men if they willed it and on it’s sail, a symbol of a helm, presumably to symbolise that this was a ship of heroes.

The Argo

However, what stood out the most was its crew. A small group of 12 men, fully clad in armour, whom you’d know were heroes at the first glance. An air of experience and greatness surrounded them as they unloaded their gear and descended onto the docks. At this point, I understood the concern the nobles had. Small of a group as they may be, these warriors were battle-hardened. They boasted the might of a small army with just the dozen of them. If they saw fit to, they could cause tremendous havoc wherever they would be.

Even the King himself graced the docks with his presence to extend a welcome to this band of heroes. They introduced themselves individually and it may have quite possibly been the greatest gathering of heroes of that era. Legendary names like Heracles, Orpheus, Pollux and Castor were thrown around. All of whom held divine blood within them. However, he would seem to be the most mortal of them all, was also their mighty leader. His name was Jason.

“Jason of the Argonauts”.



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