Chapter 2: Rumours

As the years went by, I continued to mature together with Colchis. Life was quaint. It was as if the almighty Zeus himself had blessed us with lives worth living. Those peaceful days are but distant memories that I will cherish evermore.

However, the gears of change began to turn as rumours of a boat filled with numerous great heroes was sailing the seas accomplishing many deeds throughout their journey started filling the mouths of the people of Colchis. I thought nothing of them except just tales told by drunken sailors at the tavern.

The tales of their exploits filled the streets as the months flew by. Steadily changing in detail and extravagance. Some say they slew the dreaded harpies, disfigured creatures that were half-women and half-bird, of Thrace. Others say they survived an encounter with the killer women of the Isle of Lemnos. Their feats knew no bounds. The most recent one would be how they sailed through the deathly hills of the Symplegades and that Colchis was their next destination.

At that point, even the calmest of people would fazed to some degree. What possible reason could a band of heroes want to do with our kingdom. The nobles in particular, seemed to be aggravated by the news. My father, King Aeëtus, seemed to have some idea for the reason for their journey, but did not see fit to share it with the rest of us. Despite that, we carried on with our lives…patiently waiting for the fruition of the rumours. And in time….

they arrived.


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