Chapter 1: My Life Prior

Born into the royal family of the kingdom of Colchis, I was the revered princess to all our citizens. Both my parents, King Aeëtus and Queen Idyia, doted on me and saw to it that my every desire be fulfilled. I never quite abused their gesture but it was heartwarming to know how much they cared for me. My siblings respected me, constantly asking me to partake in their little games. Our little empire meant the world to me. I feel a deep pang in my heart whenever I hear the sound of waves as it reminds me so much of home.

As I grew, so did my aptitude for sorcery.  The king’s bloodline was saturated with potential as the blood of Helios, the Sun God, flowed through our veins and were directly related to Circe, the renowned ‘Sorceress of the Seas’. My talent, in particular, stood out from my siblings and Circe, herself, took me under her tutelage. I trained for many years in the art of sorcery, picking up the likes of herbalism, curses, and elementalism under her wing. All that talent meant nothing before her for Circe believed in cold hard fundamentals of practice. At the end of it, she was akin to a maternal figure to me.

My newly acquired skills were used to aid my people where I could. Curing illnesses, dispelling curses, carrying out my royal duties as princess and even acting as a priestess to Hecate, Goddess of Magic. Life was peaceful and all was as it should be.


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