A name that will forever be etched in history as a smear alongside the great heroes of Ancient Greece. There are no merry songs in my name, nor cheers of joy when they hear it. Only fear and disgust, for my name will forever be know throughout time as the “Witch of Colchis“.

The Kingdom of Colchis

My kingdom..My home. Oh how I yearn for it so. Born into the life of luxury and power, my life was torn asunder by the arrival of one man. The encounter with him was the sharp turning point that led my life astray. If I could turn back time to change my meeting with him, I would. However, all the powers in the world wouldn’t allow for that to happen.

They say history only tells one side of the story and this couldn’t be truer in my tale. I betrayed, fought, lied and killed my life away for him…all to be abandoned in the end. Meanwhile, his tale and exploits will be told for millennia to come. Curse that man! Curse his bloodline and all his entirety! Curse you Jason!

Hopefully, the pieces that I’ve dropped were enough to fill the puzzle to my identity. I’ve made it as obvious as they come. However, on the off chance that it isn’t……

“My name is Medea. And this is my story.”


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